Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're just getting started on the web or looking for new ways to expand your online business, we've got answers! Here are some common questions that we're often asked about web development and our custom website design services.

Still have questions? Contact us online - We look forward to hearing from you!

Website Basics - Getting Started

My company or small business wants to start a new website - where do I start?

To get started fast, contact us online for a quick and FREE estimate! Just tell us very briefly a little about your business, what your goals for your website are (for example "I want my customers to be able to shop online" or "I want to advertise events"), and what features you would like your website to have (if you already have a plan - it's okay if you haven't decided yet).

If you're just beginning your search for a web developer, we do encourage you to shop around, and we've featured some samples of our work here. Again, we offer quotes and job proposals at no cost, so you've got nothing to lose by requesting a free estimate.

I already have a website, can it be updated/modified?

Yes, we perform everything from routine updates to major overhauls, provided the existing material is reasonably well written and re-usable. In some instances, it's more cost effective to start with a clean slate. However, in 90% of update requests, we're able to re-use the existing source to some degree, creating a fresh new look or improved functionality at a significantly lower cost than building a new site from square one.

Do I need any technical skills? / Do I need to write a bunch of content?

No technical expertise is required; we accomodate all levels of technical skill and desired involvement.

As far as content is concerned, you don't neccessarily need to write everything, as we provide content writing services to fill in the gaps. In general though, the more complete the content that you're able to provide, the easier our job is, and thus the development costs to you will be lower.

Why do I need a custom website? Won't that cost more?

Our custom web design process starts from the ground up - we'll take the time to understand how your business works, and look at the style of any existing marketing material that you have, then design a website that best fits your business. Your website is a representation of your business - a professional look and feel can speak volumes to potential customers, many of whom will be hearing about your business for the first time, through your site. Functionality is equally important - if your website makes life easier for your customers, they will appreciate it.

Yes, a custom website almost certainly cost a little more than a cut-and-paste templated site, but we think it's extremely worthwhile. If you consider the amounts that a business can typically spend presenting itself through various mediums (like phonebook ads, signs, or even television commercials), the little extra that you might spend on a quality website will give you a lot of value/mileage - and help you connect with a huge audience.

Our Rates/Pricing

How much does a custom website cost?

There's no definite answer - it depends on the overall size of the website you wish to create, and what features it will include. You'll find that most custom website designers won't say much about prices before you request an estimate - but just for "ballpark" purposes - our rates for new sites tend to start around $1000. Again, the actual price could be more or less, depending on the scope of your project.

For a more firm and detailed estimate, please contact us for an online quote - it only takes minutes, and it's 100% free!

What monthly/recurring costs will my website involve?

Recurring costs are typically low (especially compared to other non-web marketing choices). Once we've created a website for your business, you own it - you can use and modify the site as you see fit. So, for instance, if you don't require regular updates (or you're going to do updates yourself), the only fixed cost to keep your site running will be hosting fees, which can be as low as $5.99 per month. In short, you're not automatically "roped into" any long-term contract with us, period.

If you would like us to perform updates or maintenance, we offer these services at affordable hourly rates as needed, or as a monthly service plan if you anticipate frequent updates. Other optional costs to consider might include pay-per-click advertising (such as Google AdWords or Bing AdCenter).

Hosting Options

Does WebDevSeattle offer hosting services?

No, in a sense that we don't sell hosting services - however, we do have hosts that have worked great for us in the past, so we can recommend good hosting options and handle account setup if needed. Since we do not up-charge or profit in any way on hosting fees, we can make unbiased recommendations on a hosting plan that fits your price & performance needs.

Terms and Guarantees

Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Yes, absolutely. If you're not completely happy with any aspect of our work, or you find errors/problems, we'll make it right - free of charge.

Do you guarantee that my site will be ranked #x on Google (or some other search engine)?

No. While we design with solid, proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, it's impossible to guarantee any fixed rank. SEO is a complex practice; be wary of any SEO company that makes big, unqualified promises about rank - they usually come with a catch. Often, this means your site will rank highly for relatively obscure search phrases, or see increased visits from sources that don't boost relevant traffic (that is, visitors who are likely to be interested in your products or service). In worst-case scenarios, a shady SEO firm may attempt to achieve short-term gains using questionable "black-hat" SEO tactics that will eventually lead to search engine penalization, or even complete blacklisting.